20k of Brussels

Copy of IMG_4782.JPGHe did it! On May 27, along with 23,297 other people, Blair finished the 20km of Brussels, a 12.6 mile run thru the city center. SFC-Belgium had a team of 6 this year and with the popularity that “le jogging” is gaining in this country we expect even more next year. Thanks goes to SFC’s 20k veteran, Francoise, and her fitness ministry on that day in being available to help coach and cheer on the newbies. She even sacrificed her finish in order to help someone who wasn’t able to complete the race. Thank God for his protection on everyone and especially Blair’s bum knee. He was sore for a few days, but had a great time.

More photos in the gallery…(you can also click here and scroll down to see many more pics of the race)