CSM Planning Weekend 2008

csm planning

In the photo above, Steve, Deanne, Dina, Blair, Johnny, and Brent (l to r) are shown eagerly studying important notes projected onto the wall (or was it that “freezing in Grand Central station” clip?) during the CSM Planning Weekend 2008. We, along with Kristen, who’s taking the picture, are already gearing up for our annual training conference and spent the first weekend in March making lots of plans. It takes a massive team effort to pull something like this off and we are SO thankful and honored to be a part of the SFC Europe team.

Please pray with us for:

  • the instructors as they prepare for the classes, workshops and evening sessions
  • the workers coming to take care of the children’s program
  • the students who will be attending and their financial needs
  • all logistical details: registration, housing, transportation, meals, etc etc etc
  • Thank you!

    Checkout the SFC Europe website for all the details.