The Next Step

When Blair and I committed our life together to the Lord so many years ago, we had many dreams, but honestly, nothing could have prepared us for the awesome reality of the journey we have taken these last 21 years. We are daily amazed and humbled by his goodness to us.

Many of you have partnered with us as we have spent the last decade helping to develop ministry to university students in Belgium. We look back on the last ten years with much rejoicing because we see how God has had his hand on the work from the beginning and has brought SFC Belgium to a place of growth and maturity. At the same time, as many as two years ago, the Lord began whispering to us about a possible shift in direction. We were not clear about this new path until this past summer when we were asked by our organization’s leadership, as well as our SFC colleagues, to consider taking on the coordinator’s role of SFC Europe.

After MUCH prayer, counsel, and discussion with our close colleagues, we have accepted this new responsibility. Since our first day of ministry in Belgium, we have cried out to the Lord with Psalm 90:16-17, admitting that we don’t know what we’re doing and need Him to show us what HE’S doing so we can get in on it. This situation is no different; if anything, we are even more needy of His guiding hand as we face the numerous challenges of reaching European university students in the 21st century.

Though this new assignment will not begin until the fall, the transition has begun as we were able to participate in SFC’s annual prayer and planning weekend which was hosted by the Berlin group this year (photos). We were blessed, in every sense of the word, to be a part of this time of praying for each other and for the countries where we serve. We feel such love, support and encouragement from our SFC family during this new season. (We love y’all, too!) We were also able to reconnect with our Belgian team, and are reassured that the leadership transition there is going very smoothly.

We appreciate your prayer for us as we prepare to return to Europe. We have only 3 and a half jam-packed months before we head back, and our family will be going through many changes this year. Thanks for standing with us. We couldn’t do this without you!


Here we are with the current SFC Europe coordinators and dear friends, John and Anita Koeshall, visiting a university campus in Paris. Check out the SFC website for more information on campus ministry in Europe.