Thankfuls at Advent

We have a tradition going back to when Callie was 2 and learning to talk. Each night we each take turns and say one thing for which we are thankful to the Lord. We try not to repeat our thankfuls, but sometimes, like today, when we have a rare November treat of blue sky & sunshine, we bend that rule a bit.

While we end this season of Thanksgiving and move into the season of Advent, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all of you, dear friends & family, who are taking the time to read this, who pray for us regularly and give sacrificially so we can continue to serve God and those He sends to us here.

ReFresh Weekend in Poland

We just returned from a week-long trip to Poland where Blair taught a group of Polish students on the ins & outs of being a disciple (learner) of Jesus while living in a secular society. We were graciously hosted by SFC colleagues Curt & Sara Hobbs and their son Daniel who invited us to stay a few days extra in order to visit their beautiful city of Kraków.

ReFresh Weekend
ReFresh Weekend

Here are just a few of our thankfuls from the trip:

meeting students from Poland & Ukraine who want to live for Jesus;

stopping in Erfurt, Germany on the way & Olomouc, Czech Republic on the way back to visit with more of our SFC family who all fed us well – physically, emotionally & spiritually;

visiting the beautiful salt mines of Wieliczka (Google it!);

visiting many other museums of Krakow which all happened to be free on the day we went;

the grace of God at work in our lives, made much more evident by our side trip to Auschwitz where over a MILLION innocent people lost their lives;

and finally, safe travels in & out of Belgium when tensions have been a bit high.


Thankful for so much more

Just after we left for Poland we received word that our van in the US was sold!! Thank you for praying!

God is still taking care of us. A couple of times in the last few months, we were notified that some financial support was stopping due to unforseen circumstances. In EVERY case, someone else would call or email to let us know that they were going to increase their support, covering the deficit.

And for those of you who have asked about us following the events in Paris & Brussels, we are fine. Thanks for letting us know you are praying!

Forever grateful,
Blair & Dina