A gift for Ying

We met Ying at the Students for Christ training conference this summer. She’s living and studying in the Netherlands and speaks of being a Christian only for the last few years. Originally from China and embarking on a journey with Jesus that was triggered by a conversation with a Chinese Christian who shared Christ with her at the university, Ying arrived in the Netherlands and began growing in her new found faith. She yearned for a good study Bible and even asked another Chinese believer where she might find one, only to be told that they were difficult to obtain and very costly. Yet God, who hears the prayers of our hearts even before they are pronounced, was working behind the scenes. Blair had received 3 Chinese study Bibles (Fire Bibles) a few years back and prayed that God would direct him to the persons destined to have them. Rummaging through his material during the training conference, the Holy Spirit prompted him to ask Ying, the only Chinese person attending, if she had a Chinese study Bible. You guessed it. Ying, astonished by the circumstances through which God “tracked her down” received a desire of her heart, and Blair, elated by the Holy Spirit’s precision and impeccable timing, had the great joy of blessing a relatively new believer with a priceless gift.

Ying and Blair with Fire Bible