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Operation Move-It!

SFC-Operation Demenagement-2006-LLN 006.jpg Heave ho! Launch of a new school year; so Students for Christ groups come out to HELP. By doing what? Why, moving in new students! Donning their vibrant red t-shirts with the slogan “Not to be served, but to serve” (in french, of course), 3 of the 5 SFC groups were able to meet new students, show God’s love in a pratical way and MAKE CONTACT (the catch phrase of a new semester in campus ministry). We’re so proud to see the students taking the lead. All I had to do this year was show up and take pics of it all happening. Way to go SFC! Building on the foundation of earning the right to be heard in a society that has pratically tuned out completely the music of the gospel. So we sing…many times through what we do.

SFC Mons reopening report._Page_2_Image_0001.jpg SFC-Operation Demenagement-2006-LLN 013.jpg