Christmas Update

Annum 2014 heralded so many changes in our family unit that our heads and our hearts are still trying to catch up with the events of the year as we’ve navigated the marriage of our firstborn, the launching of our second and third daughters to universities in states away and the death of a parent just weeks ago. While we had hoped to already be back in Europe, the field of our calling, circumstances have pushed our departure back somewhat. So our return will be near the beginning of May 2015.

Traversing the miles on the road or in the air these many months, sharing our heart and passion to see university students pointed to relationship with Jesus, discipled in spiritual maturity and trained to reach their fellow classmates has increased our desire to again be in the labor of serving cross-culturally. For those who have been a part of our journey this year, whether we have seen each other or not, know that you have been and are integral to this mission. We are grateful!

This advent season as we contemplate the Hope of the world who was laid in a manger, remember with us, that same Hope of the world was hanged on a tree (but not on a Christmas one, gently, like an ornament) and also that Hope rose from a dark tomb in joyous victory! Jesus remains the Hope of the world that we proclaim with you as Christ’s ambassadors.

1947427_10204678152691223_1905915955118868291_nThe Bridge: Copenhagen-Malmö Initiative

Sweden and Denmark are two of the most secular societies in the world. There is virtually no Christian ministry among the 200,000 students in these two cities, where less than 1% are believing Christians. At the end of this month, Blair will be presenting an exciting opportunity at Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship’s regional SALTCentral conference in Dallas, TX in hopes of recruiting graduating students to serve with Students for Christ-Europe in global missions in these two countries. The Bridge: Copenhagen-Malmö Initiative is aptly named for the Øresundsbron, the bridge over the strait between the two university cities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. SFC has been invited to collaborate with an international church in each of these cities to pioneer student ministry. Teams will be living among and reaching out to Danish, Swedish, and international university students in a radically post-Christian context. The vast majority of these students have never had a single relevant Christian witness in their entire lives. Please pray with us for this opportunity.

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krakowSFC-Europe Prayer Weekend – Krakow, Poland

Shortly after ringing in the new year, Blair will travel to Krakow, Poland to coordinate the annual Students for Christ-Europe prayer weekend as university ministry leaders from across the continent gather for renewing themselves in expectant prayer, fasting and encouraging fellowship while planning for the next academic terms. Thanks for praying for safe travels!

“Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières.”

Nearing the end of 2014 reminds us of the faithfulness of so many of you who, contributing your part, help make possible what we do as “sent ones” serving abroad. You are a spiritual and material lifeline. As the year closes, we invite you once again to consider a year-end gift or even a small cost-of-living increase in your monthly giving for the remainder of the budget we must secure before deploying again. As we say in French, “the small streams running together make a big river.” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your partnership & prayer. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2015!


USS Alabama at Mobile Bay

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Thankful for 21st-Century Communication Technology!