Connecting the SFC way!

It’s become our annual ritual. The last weekend of January each year is “connection time” for the Students for Christ -Europe family. The event rotates with a different member colleague(s) hosting the group in their country each time. This month we were hosted by national home missionaries to Toulouse, France, José & Sonia Ruiz.

What do we do during this gathering? Well, as is the case in most families, we reconnect and catch up on the happenings of all involved. As important as the wonderful fellowship we share together is the time in which we assemble to pray. This is the highlight of the weekend as every individual receives personal prayer as well as intercession for their country of service and the students who live there. The Spirit often speaks very precisely to us. After all, we are gathered in His name and He promised to be there.

Another highlight is the time we get to think and strategize together as to how we might more effectively reach the students with whom we have to do. The immense challenge of the task can be quite daunting but thinking together helps us build momentum and gives us a certain consensus.

Finally, the “hang time” we share is the proverbial “cherry on the top” whether it include visiting the city or sitting in a hotel room reminiscing. Kindred spirits always enjoy one another’s company.

José getting ready to lead the sightseeing tour…

Jose ready to lead the sightseeing tour

A view of the river in downtown Toulouse…


Praying for France…

Praying for France