Sept 2006 - family 021.jpgWe found slogan a while back that I have decided to adopt as a family mission statement 🙂

It goes like this: World Evangelization: One Child At A Time!

And since we’re happy to announce the arrival of little Bonin #6 around the middle of January 2007, I’d say the motto fits. So we’d just like to invite you to be praying for a safe, healthy, smooth delivery for both Dina and the new bébé.

NO, we don’t know if it’s of the “sugar and spice and everything nice” or the “frogs and snails and puppy dog tails” variety since we ALWAYS go for the surprise. Yes, it’s a bit more work having to be ready with two names but the moment of truth in the delivery room is to be experienced in its fullest possible sense…that is, in our opinion.

So here’s to the miracle of life!

Psalm 127:3 – “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord”

4 thoughts on “Countdown…”

  1. I didn’t get to see Dina’s stomach!! What beach are you guys on? Everyone looks so happy, and growing! Esp. Claire! She must have gained two or three inches in height. Just seeing you guys makes me want to hug all of your necks. We are praying for the Bonins in Belgium! Love you, Celeste

  2. Well, the stomach is much bigger now than in the picture! That was taken on a 3-day trip to the Normandy coast when my parents were here in September. The name of the town is St. Malo. I’ll be posting some new pictures of our trip — and the belly — very soon.

  3. I am surprised to hear the good news of new life in your family! I know the kids must be so excited. I think of you all often. Looks like all your kids have grown so much! I will be waiting to hear if you have a boy or girl!

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