DESTINATION: Roubaix and Toulouse, France

Students for Christ-Belgium‘s annual missions trips attempt to focus on serving another campus ministry work somewhere in Europe or helping with a local church’s outreach.

This year’s trips took us to two of the most geographically distanced places in the nation of France during the Easter semester break.

One of the most southern and largest cities of the French nation is Toulouse, “la ville rose”, not far from the Spanish border and known for the second largest population of university students in the country (over 100,000).

Our team of eight was hosted by our sister SFC organization, RESET and enjoyed a super bonding time with students from the ministry. Activities included prayer walks, distributions on various campuses, organizing a talent show, and sprucing up part of RESET’s ministry center with a fresh coat of paint and a good old-fashioned spring cleaning.

On the other end of the geographical spectrum, lies one of the northernmost cities in France. Roubaix’s claim to fame is that it has the largest number of Muslim immigrants per capita of any city in the world (that’s right, the whole enchilada…uh, baguette!)

Six participants from SFC-Belgium made the trek ministering a life-giving message of hope in Isa (Jesus) assisting a local congregation of mostly former Muslims in street evangelism efforts.

A highlight for me was to personally hear how God had changed the heart attitude of one of our students from one of anger and hatred to agape love for the descendants of Ishmael – something she never thought possible. Where God’s Spirit works, all is possible!

Voilà, one reason why we encourage all those involved with SFC to take a missions trip at least once in their university years. The experience can change one forever!

Toulouse team

the Toulouse team