Thomas A Kempis memorial in Zwolle, NL In the Evening School of European Studies (see, we are learning how Christianity influenced Europe. In a nutshell, it is highly possible that there would be no Europe today if it hadn’t been for the spread and unifying power of Christianity. One example of this influence is Thomas à Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, one of the most widely published books in the world. We recently visited the location where it was written in the Netherlands around 1418, and marveled at the far-reaching consequences of that little book, influencing even the life of Martin Luther who would nail his 95 Theses to a church door a century later. It causes us to wonder: How are we being influenced? And how are we influencing those around us? It’s easy to get side-tracked by the latest fad and to be less than intentional in letting our lights shine. With God’s help, we are endeavoring to allow ourselves to be influenced and to influence, as we follow Him.

PEFY’s Political Team Weekend at the European Parliament (PEFY is the Pentecostal European Forum for Youth.) Blair was able to attend this event which connected politically-aspiring young people with European BELIEVING Parliamentarians. What an opportunity these politicians, both current and future, have to influence society!

Impact NOW planning weekend in Graz, Austria It’s that time of year again when we begin planning our annual summer training. This year we are teaming up with PEM (Pentecostal European Mission) as they hold their first missions conference, which will be followed by Students for Christ-Europe’s time of equipping, training, and loving on students so they can reach more students with the message of Jesus. Influencing Europe one student at a time!

group shot in PadovaSFC in Lugano, Switzerland At a local pastor’s invitation, Blair spent a weekend in December strategizing with him and a few others on how best to reach the university students in their town. This is an exciting development! Please pray for the students in Lugano as they begin meeting together this semester and for divine influence on their campus.

January Prayer weekend Always a highlight, this year’s event was in Padova, Italy, not too far from Venice. Kurtis and Amy Denton graciously hosted Blair and about 30 of our colleagues for a time of personal prayer, ministry reports, and planning for the next year. Without fail, it is always a time of great encouragement to each individual as well as the SFC Europe body as a whole.

AEU Student Congress, Lyon, France Blair had the opportunity to introduce newly-arrived colleagues to the student leadership in France, as well as discuss ways for even more collaboration between the French-speaking university groups of Europe.

PEFY weekend in Prague This time Claire was able to tag along with her dad who had another opportunity to strategize and pray with leaders from many countries who desire to influence the youth of Europe.

in Prague

Influence! Thank you for your support as we continue to follow the call of God to be an influence in Europe. We pray that you, too, will be an Influencer for the Kingdom of God in your corner of the world!


Family Matters Callie is back at LSU after a 3-week trip home for Christmas, and Claire is continuing with her piano studies and just finished a 17-page research paper on Habeas Corpus. Evangeline is preparing for a classical dance recital in a couple of weeks, and Christopher is preparing for the 6th grade national exam – en français. David is making great progress in French but is enjoying the drums even more, and Josiah has taken to correcting his father’s French pronunciation.