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Davida and Nathanael leading worship“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Somebody said that once, I think. If not, I’d like to coin the phrase. There’s probably a lot of truth in it. And we feel it maybe even more intensely in university ministry where the need for mentoring new leaders is glaringly apparent. Couple that with the fact of having to journey through this process within a short time span of 2-4 years, maybe five, if you have the good fortune of entering into a mentoring relationship at the very beginning of a student’s university matriculation.

Rosa-Maria, Nat and Remus at the beachBlair and the Students For Christ (SFC) leaders from their different campus groups across Belgium recently gathered at the coastal town of Oostduinkerke in the Flemish-speaking part of the country. Twenty-five people crunched themselves into a house that normally sleeps half that number. Close quarters and one bathroom make for a good community-building exercise. But hey, we were at the sea!

Being away from the familiar surroundings that preoccupy our time and efforts, this last weekend in August just before the beginning of a new academic year proved to be a super connection time with God’s Spirit. Since the large majority of us are foreigners here in Belgium, much of our discussion centered around an in-depth study of the Great Commission and seeing ourselves as sent ones to reach students of Belgian origin.

some of the groupTwo clear goals and prayer strategies for the 2007-08 term: seeing new students find relationship in Christ and training the next crop of leaders in our midst.

Leading on…

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  1. Blair,
    I always look forward to hearing from you about what God is doing through SFC. Of course, I like to know what is going on with your family just as much.

    If there is anything Heartland School of Ministry can do for you please let me know.
    Al Roever

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