“Little is Much When God is in It!”

Finishing this newsletter, we forwarded a copy to one of the people whose story we told to ask if what we wrote was ok to share with you who pray for and support us financially. This was the response we received back:

You describe quite well what is happening, and don’t hesitate to emphasize the fact that we, Belgian new-born Christians, need you to teach us about God, to help us practically to deal with our lives and God and society. We need His love manifested through you. We need your loving and caring presence. You are such a blessing! Tell them that! And tell them to enjoy Christian’s company, it is such an amazing thing!

Your prayer and generosity are making a difference in the lives of Pierre, Anne-Sophie and Jérôme. And that’s straight from the source!

May the blessing of “Christian company” be yours today,

Blair and Dina
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