loving the Lord my God with all my mind…or what’s left of it :)

Since September of 2008, and after a 20 year hiatus, I’ve officially become a student again…at the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven. The study program – theology; the language – English (whew!); the mode of travel – train (one hour’s ride from home). It’s been quite a challenge on various fronts, especially swimming in doctrinal waters that are not my own, but a joy to be able to think deeply again about what I believe. And one of the best by-products of it all is that I get to meet more students and strike up new friendships. I’m currently praying for a new acquaintance with whom I had to work on a joint presentation who is on a personal search for “the truth”. And then there’s a professor for whom I have a burden to pray. And there’s the international student who wants to know more about the particular theological movement to which I ascribe. Finally, I’ve sensed a unique connection with a teaching assistant who I hope will become a close personal friend. So many opportunities, and all the while, loving God with all my mind! -Blair

photo of university library