Merry CHRISTmas from Belgium!

As we reflect on the many ways God has blessed us in 2008, immediately our thoughts turn to you and phrases like these: “Couldn’t do it without you!”, “We’ve got awesome partners!”, “The commitment of our team is inspiring!” We are so grateful for the encouragement you bring to our lives. Thank you!

In this holiday season we’re asking God to enable you, more than ever before, to portray the meaning of having the indwelling Spirit of Jesus. What a thought; what a responsibility; this is our joy!

Joy to our world, Jesus is here!

the Bonins
Blair, Dina, Callie, Claire, Evangeline, Christopher, David & Josiah

9 thoughts on “Merry CHRISTmas from Belgium!”

  1. What a blessing to see and hear!!!!!!!!!! And the baby did his part just perfect at the end! We love and miss you guys, and have a very Merry Christmas. Love, The Trahans

  2. Hello family,thanks for the video,a blessing to see, & hear from y’all, sure hope this gets to y’all you know how i’am with the computer. Well I would say Josiah did his part very well. We are having Christmas here Saturday with the Bonins, so I will get your brother to call, sure hope y’all are home & we can connect. Thanks again, miss y’all much, Love Mom,Mrs. Barbara & Grannie

  3. Thank you so much Blair, all the SFC Mons Family Wish to you and the Big, great and Wonderful Bonin family (Dina, Callie, Claire, Evangeline, Christopher, David and Josiah) a Merry CHISTmas
    S4C Mons

  4. Very fun!
    So good to see everyone and of course hear your Christmas greetings.
    We wish you a very Happy and Merry Christmas.
    Hang in there. We are thinking of you all and hadn’t forgotten about you all the way in Belgium. :~)
    Be blessed,
    The Mahans
    P.S….it’s very humid here in Baton Rouge today. I’d rather be in Belgium. HA!

  5. Thanks for the lovely Christmas greeting.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Christ in us the Hope of Glory.
    Jim & Wanda

  6. Hello from Texas,

    Wow, Bussey, your family is beautiful. It is hard to tell the parents from the kids, you two look so young!! From little ‘ol New Iberia to Belgium, who would have imagined!! Praying you have much happiness, health, and prosperity for 2009:) God bless you and yours and if you are ever in Big “D” (Dallas, TX), come see us. Our door is always open to “family”!!

    Your sister in the Lord,
    Miki (Davenport) Sharpe

  7. Merry Christmas to you, too!

    I can’t imagine the economic squeeze you must be experiencing. We wish we were millionaires and could bankrole all of you guys!

    We miss ‘home’! We were watching tapes of Aachen Christmas market (we went almost every year) and just missing being there. God has us here now. Bloom where you’re planted!

    Chris, Dana, Chase, Capri and Caelynn

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