Nice, France & Namur, Belgium

Sometimes scouting out possible locations for a Students for Christ (SFC) group in European cities is best done on a scooter. Such was the case last month when Blair accepted an invitation from Pastor Ivan Muzart (Église Nice Métropole) to present the ministry SFC-Europe in Nice, France. Home to over 40,000 university students, very few of whom have a relationship with Jesus, SFC-Europe is praying that God would call students themselves as well as other workers to the spiritually needy Côte d’Azur. Thanks for praying with us!

Right behind the train station in Namur, Belgium, the capital of Wallonia (the French-speaking part of our host nation), sits the Temple Protestant Évangélique (TPE), a local church which has been very supportive of the SFC student ministry. Blair spoke at TPE recently on the subject of “Making Disciples” and the boys were able to share a song that was written by the SFC group from Mons several years ago. Merci beaucoup à TPE!