Reporting on Connect ’14

“LIFE-CHANGING!” is one of the most common responses given to the Students for Christ (SFC) annual CONNECT conference held each summer, the goal of which is equipping university students across Europe to reach their campuses with the life-changing power of Jesus’ message to mankind.

SFC_Connect_2014061 SFC_Connect_2014015

The summer of 2014 was no different. Gathered students came from approximately 20 nations, mainly from the European zone, but with some representing their motherlands in Africa and Asia. After a week of bonding together in small groups, intense collective worship and prayer times, relevant teaching regarding campus ministry in the 21st century and planning sessions for the academic year ahead, these collegians and national workers left with a proverbial toolbox filled to help them engage their fellow classmates regarding the claims of Christ on each one’s life.

Impactful testimonies always abound as God, through His Spirit, meets the students while at CONNECT:

– several girls who came together from one country are “on fire after a life-changing experience” according to their leader
– a student from a sensitive country had a deeply transforming experience with the Holy Spirit
– one student felt that God was calling him to go and plant a new Students for Christ group in a university city where no SFC chapter exists
– repeatedly, the comment came to the organizers how exceptionally rich was the multi-national fellowship of the body of Christ
– another student who previously attended a course on engaging students from a Muslim background returned this year to explain how God had removed fear, giving opportunities to share her faith with new Muslim friends

SFC_Connect_2014027 SFC_Connect_2014010

These are the powerful LIFE-CHANGING ways in which YOUR help in giving and praying is affecting the eternal destinies of university students across Europe!