summer news

Josiah and baby foodThe weather doesn’t really show it – we had a few summer days back in June, I think – but still, our summer has been great! Much of our time has been spent preparing for CSM (more on that in another post), but we’ve also been able to do lots of other things. We celebrated three birthdays (Claire turned 14 on 22 July; Callie, 16 on 5 Aug; and David, 7 on 16 Aug), went to a few weddings, and the kids were able to participate in sports camps.

Another highlight as been watching Josiah (& his mom) get adjusted to solid food. He’s getting bigger all the time, scooting around more and more, and will all too soon be crawling around with Sadie our dog.

Copy of DSC05687.JPGThis summer we also had Zach from Michigan staying with us. He was a great blessing to us doing whatever we needed doing while he took some time to learn about European culture and see how a possible future in missions might work out for him. Thanks, Zach!