The 24hr bike race outreach: exciting, engaging, effective!

Thank you for praying! We’ve gotten a few reports back from those who participated, and once again, lives were touched: Christians were excited about sharing their faith, and pre-believers were very curious and stayed talking with SFCers long into the night.

A testimony from Marie (in photo at right):

“I left for the 24h bike race not feeling very at ease, but I told myself, ‘I’ll smile, pass out a few crêpes, and that’s it!’ The whole idea of setting up a tent in the middle of a mega keg party seemed a little crazy to me. … When we arrived, we put on our ‘Jesus-Christ’ t-shirts – a super way to get noticed! After talking with some of the SFC members for a few minutes, I took my post behind the table and began helping with the coffee & crêpe give-away. It only took 10 minutes for someone to come up and ask me, ‘What are you doing? Why are you wearing Jesus-Christ t-shirts? What’s your purpose?’ Thomas (a 23 yr-old engineering student) was very intrigued and wanted to understand what motivated us. I had the opportunity to share my own story with him, to answer his questions, and even at the end to pray with him so that he could have his own personal encounter with God. He told me he was touched by my prayer, that he wanted to know the truth and that he would continue his search. About half an hour into our chat, Thomas gave me his email address and asked me to send him some ‘texts for reflection’ and thanked me for the conversation. It was very cool! There were other students who also wanted to talk to me, including 2 who directly asked me to explain what happened to me for me to believe in God. … I was truly surprised to see the hunger of certain students to know God – even in the middle of party such as that!… Thank you!”

There were other long conversations, prayer times, people coming back with friends so they “could get a blessing, too.” Who knows what fruit will come of the seed planted that night! Thank you again for your support in all that is happening here to extend the Kingdom of God through our family and SFC. You are making a difference in the lives of many like Marie & Thomas.

mike24hvelo.jpgClick here to view more photos from this year’s event, including some of the bikes.

~Blair and Dina Bonin
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