The Eifel!

on the slopes near Monschau,Germany

No, not the Tower in Paris but the region just across Belgium’s eastern border with Germany. This was the setting of our long-awaited and desperately needed family vacation this year. Although we were battling a 12-24 hour virus, complete with toilet-hugging experiences for the first day and a half, we were still able to recuperate, relax and recreate. Callie, by the way, was the only family member untouched by the bug (Go Callie! Way to resist!) So what did we do? Well, as little as possible since we were coming off of a two-week training conference that we had invested heavily in organizing. But drinking in the beauty of the forested Eifel region with its picturesque villages and gurgling streams was enough for Dad and Mom. The kids additionally enjoyed game days in the apartment. We took to the hiking trails one day and bobsledding on another (the children’s favorite activity).

Another country, another culture, another language…and only two hour’s drive from home! Yeah!

in Monschau,Germany near the river
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