The New Normal

Our children are spreading their wings and spreading out! At the beginning of August, we drove Evangeline to Tulsa and were able to stay for a few days to help her get settled in at ORU. After helping her move in to her dorm room, we enjoyed visiting the campus, the famous prayer tower and a few other sights around Tulsa. Evangeline is adjusting well and already excited about her part in the ORU production of The Prodigal Son ballet next spring.

A week later, we drove to Texas where we were graciously hosted by family for the weekend and visited with several friends on our way to and from helping Claire move into her dorm at SAGU in Waxahachie. Claire is back at “home” in her old room and got busy right away with a new student job & leadership/outreach responsibilities. We were also able to have a missions service at a church pastored by friends from Dina’s high school days.

We’re also happy to report that Callie and Stuart are settling well into a new apartment in the Nashville area. Our pace has continued to be hectic through the month of September, but the Lord is helping us to get back into a new school routine, to get ready for the Fall season (hopefully still with lots of sunshine), and to look forward to seeing the kids again. Thank you for praying for our family during this transition time.