The Thankful Tree

the thankful treeThe fourth Thursday in November in Belgium is just like the third Thursday or the second Wednesday: business as usual. Sometimes it’s difficult to tack on a big Thanksgiving celebration onto an already busy week, but this year was different.
We decided to host the regular SFC-Louvain-la-Neuve Thursday night meeting at our house on Thanksgiving night. The students were excited about coming, hoping to get a taste of la grosse dinde (the big turkey) and learning a bit more about this American holiday.

Wearing pilgrim hats and eating good food was fun, but the true highlight of the evening came when Blair briefly explained the reasons we celebrate Thanksgiving. He then gave everyone an opportunity to write down something to thank God for on a paper leaf and hang it on our Thankful Tree.

the groupIt was good to see how the mood of the evening immediately shifted from just another “eatin’ meetin'” to something of significance in the lives of these students. We pray that they carried away from that evening not just a few extra calories, but a new or renewed knowledge of the Creator, and that He has given us MANY reasons to be thankful.

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